Eagle Mountain Emergency Communications Team (EMECT)

EMECT is an all volunteer team of communicators available to assist the City of Eagle Mountain in the event of an emergency or when additional communications help is needed.

EMECT is organized under the direction of the City of Eagle Mountain and is part of the Be Ready Eagle Mountain Community

EMECT utilizes amateur (ham) radio with the aid of licensed amateur radio operators who live within or near the city limits. Additionally, those who sign up for the EMECT will be trained in simplex (radio-to-radio) communications, repeater (radio-to-repeater-to-radio) communications, operations during emergencies, message handling, and other related subjects. Training is provided under the direction of the Eagle Mountain Emergency Management Team. For more information about EMECT, please visit: www.emect.org



Utah County Amateur Radio Emergency Service

A.R.E.S. is a national organization of Amateur Radio Operators trained in Emergency Communications under the direction of the Amateur Radio Relay League.

“The Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with their local ARES leadership, for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes.” (www.arrl.org/ares)

UCARES is the A.R.E.S. group for Utah County and coordinates directly with, and are supported by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office. They also have both official and un-official liaisons with numerous other public service agencies, emergency, health, and transportation entities throughout the County. Their members are all volunteers and hundreds if not thousands of volunteer hours each year are donated by its volunteers to our community. For more information about UCARES, please visit: www.ucares.org

HAM Training


HamStudy.org is dedicated to improving and modernizing ham radio license instruction and examination processes by providing modern, easy, and free tools.

After you have completed the online training and feel confident in your ability to pass the FCC Exam, visit the HamStudy.org Sessions page to find test sessions in the area.